Voter Information

Election Day – Thursday, May 16 2019


years of age or older

May 16th

Election Day



Polling Location

Harmony Toluca Lake

A campus of Hollywood United Methodist Church


Thursday, May 16 2019




4301 Cahuenga Blvd,
Toluca Lake, CA. 91602
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How to Vote

You don’t need to pre-register!

Anyone over 18 who has a stake in Toluca Lake is eligible to vote! That means if you live, work, shop, eat, do business, own property, participate in a club (and more) in Toluca Lake, you have a stake in our community and you’re eligible to vote.

What to Bring On Election Day

Bring your government-issued ID. The address listed on your ID does not need to be in the Greater Toluca Lake boundaries.

Registering to Vote

Neighborhood Council elections are same-day registration ONLY. At the polling location, you’ll complete a simple registration form (see a sample here) self-affirming your stake in Toluca Lake.

You do not need to pre-register. In fact, you can’t pre-register.


You’ll select up to 14 candidates on your ballot. All seats are considered “at-large” so you’ll be selecting your choices from the full list of candidates.

Meet the Candidates

Jason Friedman

April Davis

Michael T. Hermsen

Robyn Allyn

Robert Scibelli

Arthur Wypchlak

Jeremy D. Harrison

Kelly Cole

Reynold Blight

Ed Alonzo

Lee Jamieson

Richard D. McFalls

June Gin

Katherine Hatton

Benny Dominguez

Brendon Blincoe

Colby Jensen

Juliann Miles

Jonny Blu Klamer

Lisa Jacobs

Stacy Roberts

Hannah Globus

Tina Smith

Danielle Mihaljevich

Tony Carey

Bill Beauter

Omar Israel Gonzales

Alex Daniels